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The Korean terms hyeong, pumsae, poomsae and teul (meaning "form" or "pattern") are all used to refer to martial arts forms that are typically used in Korean martial arts such as Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do.. Hyeong is often romanized as hyung.This term is used primarily in earlier styles of taekwondo, often referred to as traditional taekwondo.; Pumsae is often romanized as ....


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Revised Romanization: Jeong Hyeong-don: McCune-Reischauer: Chong Hyongdon: Jung Hyung-don (Korean: ???; born February 7, 1978) is a South Korean comedian and television host. He is best known for his roles on the variety shows Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol..


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Hyung Jin Moon (born September 26, 1979), also known as Sean Moon, is an American pastor and co-founder, alongside his wife, Yeon Ah Lee Moon, of the Pennsylvania-based World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church, also known as Rod of Iron Ministries.Sanctuary Church is a Church and an unofficial militant offshoot and sect of the Unification movement, which was ....


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Park Gun-hyung (Korean: ???; born November 1, 1977) is a South Korean actor.Park made his acting debut in musical theatre in 2001 and has since been active on both television and stage. He starred in the ballroom dancing film Innocent Steps (2005), the period drama The Kingdom of the Winds (2008), as well as played doctors in medical drama Syndrome, and ....


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History. The Hanwoo was traditionally a working animal breed. Until the expansion of the South Korean economy in the 1960s, it was little used for beef production.: 193 A herd book was established in 1968. Hanwoo beef has since become a premium product. The Hanwoo was listed by the FAO as "not at risk" in 2007.: 93 In 2003, the total population was reported to be about 1 ....


Secret Reunion - Wikipedia.

Secret Reunion (Korean: ???; Hanja: ???; RR: Uihyeongje; lit."Sworn Brothers" or "Blood Brothers") is a 2010 South Korean action film directed by Jang Hoon, and one of the highest grossing Korean films of 2010.. The story follows Song Kang-ho as Agent Lee Han-gyoo of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who falls from grace after failing to stop the assassination of ....


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Adult Trainee (Korean: ?????) is a South Korean web series directed by Yoo Hak-chan and Jeong Hyeong-gun, starring Ryu Ui-hyun, Cho Mi-yeon, Jo Yoo-jung, Ryeoun, Kwon Young-eun and Kim Min-gi.The series depicts a pink comedy about Generation Z who have grown up. This multi-part series was released on TVING starting with episodes "Jae-min" on November 12, ....


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iKon (Korean: ???), stylized as iKON, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment, consisting of six members: Jay, Song, Bobby, DK, Ju-ne and Chan.Originally a seven-piece band, leader B.I departed from the group in June 2019.. Initially introduced in the reality survival show WIN: Who is Next as "Team B", the group went on to appear in the 2014 ....


Graceful Family - Wikipedia.

Graceful Family (Korean: ??? ?; Hanja: ??? ?; RR: Uahan Ga) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Im Soo-hyang, Lee Jang-woo and Bae Jong-ok.It aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 23:00 time slot of MBN and Dramax from August 21 to October 17, 2019.Besides receiving critical acclaim, Graceful Family became the highest rated drama in ....


The Red Shoes (2005 film) - Wikipedia.

The Red Shoes (Korean: ???; Hanja: ???; RR: Bunhongshin) is a 2005 South Korean horror film written and directed by Kim Yong-gyun. Kim Yong-gyun was inspired by the 1845 fairy tale of same name by Hans Christian Andersen..


Show Window: The Queen's House - Wikipedia.

Show Window: The Queen's House (Korean: ???: ??? ?; RR: Syowindo: Yeowang-ui Jib) is a South Korean television series starring Song Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, Jeon So-min and Hwang Chan-sung.It aired from November 29, 2021, to January 18, 2022, on Channel A's Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:30 time slot for 16 episodes.. The series was a commercial hit ....


Brown Eyed Girls - Wikipedia.

The Brown Eyed Girls (Korean: ??? ??? ??; Japanese: ?????????????) is a South Korean girl group.The group is composed of four members: JeA, Miryo, Narsha, and Gain.They debuted as an R&B/Ballad vocal group with "Come Closer (????)" in 2006. They rose to popularity in 2008 with "L.O.V.E" and their retro-dance number "How Come" and ....


Kim (Korean surname) - Wikipedia.

Kim or Gim (Hangul: ?) is the most common surname in Korea. As of the South Korean census of 2015, there were 10,689,959 people by this name in South Korea or 21.5% of the population. Kim is written as ? (gim) in both North and South Korea.The hanja for Kim, ?, can also be transliterated as ? (geum) which means "metal, iron, gold".The Kim family is also the ruling ....


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The Korean martial art Taekwondo has several stances used for different activities. Taekwondo has a wide variety of stances in its repertoire. These stances are most commonly seen in the form competition of Hyeong, and are critical for balance, precision, and ....


Our School's E.T. - Wikipedia.

Our School's E.T. (Korean: ??? ??; RR: Ulhakgyo Iti) is a 2008 South Korean comedy-drama film directed by Park Kwang-chun (also known as K.C. Park). It stars Kim Su-ro as an unconventional, "alien-like" high school P.E. teacher whose position is put at stake when the school adopts a new policy to boost English education, so he decides that becoming an ....


My Little Baby, Jaya - Wikipedia.

Plot. The story of a 45-year-old man with cerebral palsy whose life is completely shattered when his teenage daughter, a victim of escalating school bullying and sexual violence,commits suicide. Feeling helpless and further let down by society, he decides to ....


Teen, Age - Wikipedia.

Teen, Age (stylized as TEEN, AGE) is the second studio album by South Korean boy group Seventeen.It was released on November 6, 2017 by Pledis Entertainment with the lead single "Clap". Teen, Age was the group's 2nd No.1 on Billboard World Album Charts. The album was later re-released as Seventeen's first special album entitled, Director's Cut, on February 5, ....


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Meaning. Do (?) means "the way" or "art" and jang (?) means "a place", which makes dojang the place where one practices the way. In the case of martial arts it is the place where one practices the path of that martial art, much like dojo in Japanese. More specific terms such as "hapkidojang" or "taekwondojang" can be used for particular subtypes of dojang..


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Choi Byung-chan (Korean: ???, born November 12, 1997), also known as Byungchan, is a South Korean singer and actor.He debuted as a member of South Korean group Victon in 2016. In 2020, he made his acting debut in the drama Live On..