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List of Gumiho K-Dramas to Watch - Dramakicks.

Mythical nine-tailed foxes known as Gumihos are a favourite theme in many K Dramas. Check out this list you should definitely watch! ... Recaps; Stars; Blog; Search for: 7 Gumiho Korean Dramas You Must Watch. 2 Comments / K-Drama / By Vinnie. Gumihos are mythical creatures, and legend has it that it's a fox that has lived for thousands of ....

12 of the Best Korean Mystery-Thriller Dramas of All Time - Dramakicks.

While trying to reveal the truth behind tragic deaths in the past, reporter Kim Mun Ho enlists the help of the best night courier in town - Seo Jung Hu (Ji Chang Wook), who is better known as "Healer."Mun Hu wants him to verify the identity of Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young), who was presumed dead, along with her parents.He proceeds to pay him to protect her from people who ....

Top 10 Korean Sports Dramas of All Time - Dramakicks.

OppaJon is a founder and writer of Dramakicks. His favorite genres are medical, law, crime, fantasy, historical, thrillers and romantic comedies - wait that's basically everything, except outright horror. ... Siiyoung Lee on 7 Gumiho Korean Dramas You Must Watch; Noona Romance on 12 Noona Romance K-Dramas You Have To Watch;.

7 Lee Min-ho Korean Dramas You Don't Want to Miss | Dramakicks.

If you want to go on a "Min Ho binge", the guy has a lot of notable dramas under his name. Here are 7 that should keep you hooked and satisfied! 1. Boys Over Flowers (2009) First on the list is the drama series that placed Lee Min Ho's name in the Hallyu map - Boys Over Flowers..

15 of the BEST Korean Crime Dramas of All Time! - Dramakicks.

Here's a quick look at some of the well-received K-dramas you need to add to your list. 1. City Hunter (2011) Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House.He becomes a "City Hunter" and he plans to seek revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death while on a covert mission along with ....